Grinding finishing machine

Grinding finishing machine / centrifugal disc / for tools 5 – 2 x 18 L | CF-T series

CF 18 T
This type of machine with a container capacity of 18 liters is designed for medium to large batches.

Standard equipment

  • High-quality gap system with ceramic rings for using super-fine polishing granules
  • Automatic speed control via frequency inverter
  • Digital display of set time, elapsed time, speed and faults

Optional equipment

  • Dosing pump with shutdown when empty
  • Screens for separating the workpieces and granules
  • Workpiece holder for 12 heavy annular workpiece


The CF-T series is an index rotary tables with CNC units for polishing and buffing operations manufactured by COSMAP. It is suitable for deburring and grinding industrial work pieces and finishing jewelry. This series provides an outstandingly good value and is universal in its implementations. It is a high performance disc finishing units in bench top design. 

The distinctive patented gap system between the disc and the process container allows the gap to be set with a precision of 0.05mm when utilizing the CF machine for dry process. This makes the very thin work pieces can be processed and the great outcome can be reached by utilizing very fine abrasive media.

Associated function: grinding
Type: centrifugal disc
Applications: for tools
Power: Min.: 0.4 kVA (0.54 hp)
Max.: 1.8 kVA (2.41 hp)