Vacuum-Pressure Casting

Technical parameters: 
Model: M.CM.VPC 
Tech: PC control (more than 30casting programs, 8different continuous 
Casting program: 15 
Crucible: 200cm (3.0kg18Kt, 2.0kgAg) 
Flask: max. 125mm, max. H300mm 
Casting pressure: max. 3,0bar 
Vacuum casting: min. -0,9bar 
Casting temp: max. 1350℃ 
Power input: 5kVA, 3 phase 
Weight: 160kg 
Size: 60×75×113 (cm) 
Option: subinterface, regulator, printer, RS232

VPC  machines are extremely robust automatic production machines. Each function can also be carried out using a manual switch. They are ideally suited for smaller operations where the boss does the casting.