Magnetic Tumbler

Application range:

Apply in jewelry surface processing , suitable for the polishing of ormolu, copper and anything without magnetic. Suitable for smoothing the surface of the hardware.

Product Features :

  1. Elaborate design and convenient operation.
  2. Big motor and alternate magnetic field makes it more powerful.
  3. With Digital circuit can set time to be reversible.

4.. Vacuum controller is made by imported material to extend the life of the machine

5.When polishing chamber is put out of the machine, it will Auto-stop and save power.

Technical parameters:

Model: MT-P1500

Rated power: 750W

Related voltage: 110V,60HZ/220V,50HZ

Motor speed: 2800

Polishing amount: 1500g

Polishing chamber size: Ф290*H160

Dimensions: 36*40*37(CM)

Weight: 23.5Kg


Manual of Magnetic Tumbler-P2500

Label of parts

  1. Control Panel
  2. Machine label
  3. Power Outlet
  4. Fan
  5. Handle
  6. Acrylic polishing chamber







  1. Put metal, polishing liquid, polishing powder , 400g polishing pins into the plastic chamber.
  2. Connect to 220v power supply
  3. Power on and power indicator lights on.
  4. Set forward working and reverse working time, total working time, required working speed.
  5. After set time and working speed, press SET button to confirm setting, then press start button to start working, if you want to stop working, press STOP button.
  6. After total working time is up, take out metal .

Attention to the frequency controller:

The reference rotation speed compared to the frequency are as following:

10HZ=280r/min    20HZ=560r/min    30HZ=840r/min

40HZ=1120r/min   50HZ=1400r/min   60HZ=1680r/min

To avoid overheating of the motor which may сause the damage, please don’t let the machine to work long time with the frequency under 30HZ(840r/min).

User instruction of Magnetic Tumbler MT-P1500/MT-P1000/MT-P0800/MT-P0600